The players data is generated based on the recorded actions taken from the video 

     3                    10                    3                    1                  

​​​Imagine having the availability to calculate how often you went left with your right foot, or simply determining your pass completion percentage  rates, along with which foot you are passing most often with and so much more. This data is collected from your video to help you improve. The calculated report "Could" include nearly 20 charts and tables to reveal strengths and weaknesses in your game.

I will refer to the Ridiculously Detailed Game Analysis as DGA dropping the R

This all starts with the submission of  your full game video footage to be be reviewed and analyzed.

DGA is comprised of a number of visual and calculating tools. 

Visual representation of a game is extremely beneficial for coaches and players at all levels. Highlight videos  are now becoming the most common way to gain interest from professional and collegiate coaches by good players that would normally be overlooked in the past. It's a great use of their valuable time. 

     1                    5                                 

zone 5          zone 10         zone 15         zone 20          zone 25          zone 30


The playing field is separated into 30 zones

     3                    12                    1                    2                  

zone 2          zone 7             zone 12         zone 17          zone 22         zone 27          

Defending Pressure, Delay Attack, Win Control, Tackling results, Interception, Defensive mistakes, Clear, Block, Penalty, Free Kick, Shot, Cross,Dribble Opponent Counter Attack Assist, Foul, Offside, Pass: Pass Accuracy %, Forward Pass, Square Pass, Backward Pass, Through Pass, Assist, Pass to Teammate Shot, Opponent Counter Attack, Short Pass, Long Pass, Dribble: Successful Dribble %, Forward Dribble, Square Dribble, Backward Dribble, Dribble then Shot, Dribble then Goal, Dribble then Pass, Dribble Opponent Counter Attack, Short or Long Distance, Cross, Shot: Right or Left Foot, On target, Goal, Within the penalty Area, Outside the Penalty Area, First Touch Success Rate, 

zone 3        zone 8            zone 13         zone 18          zone 23         zone 28

zone 4          zone 9             zone 14         zone 19          zone 24         zone 29          

     5                  1                  1

The chart above shows the number of actions in each zone by this player

Welcome to Detailed Game Analysis Reporting

Categories included in your DGA

Elite Fùtbol Training

​​Specialized training and detailed game analysis for the serious player

Get excited because you now have the ability to immediately improve your game 

Below are just a few of over 20 easy to read tables that are created based on a player's performance provided in your Detailed Game Analysis report

zone 1          zone 6             zone 11         zone 16          zone 21         zone 26          

zone 5          zone 10           zone 15         zone 20          zone 25         zone 30          

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