5.3 Possible Collected Data Options

Defensive actions: Pressure * Delay Attack * Win Control * Tackling results * Interception * Defensive mistakes, Clear * Block * Penalty * Free Kick * Opponent Counter Attack Assist * Foul * Offside * Tackles won/lost *  

Offensive actions: Pass Accuracy % * Forward Pass * Square Pass, Backward Pass * Through Pass, Assist, Pass to Teammate Shot, Opponent Counter Attack * Short Pass * Long Pass * Corner Kick * Free Kick

Dribble: Successful Dribble % * direction and approximate distance * Forward Dribble * Square Dribble * Backward Dribble * Dribble then Shot * Dribble then Goal * Dribble then Pass * Dribble Opponent Counter Attack * Short or Long Distance * Cross* First Touch Success Rate

Shot result: Goals - Shot Wide - On Target - Saved * Right or Left Foot * On target, Goal * Within the penalty Area * Outside the Penalty Area 

Passing:Direction and approx. distance - assist - type of pass * Passing accuracy percentages * Action Completed * Action Incomplete * Corner  and Free Kick results * Fouls * Offside * Left or Right Foot * Headers * Open Play Statistics * Right foot and Left foot passes  * Headers won or lost * Direction of action taken

zone 3        zone 8            zone 13         zone 18          zone 23         zone 28

Get excited because you now have the ability to immediately improve your game 

5.0 Statistical data defensive and offensive actions

 5.1 Defensive actions calculated 

Tackles won and lost * Left and Right Foot action * Clears * Blocks * Defensive Presses and result of winning possession or not * Interception * Blocks * Defensive Mistakes * Action Result Completed or Incomplete * Opponent counter attack * Delay attack or not

Note: The DGA process takes a tremendous amount of time and a high level of knowledge and fùtbol experience to be completed properly.  No more than 2 reports are completed per day and no DGA is ever rushed and risking flaws in the data. Below are 9 sections with details on the process.

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3.0 Why Detailed Game Analysis Services? available Now
Whether you are simply trying to fine tune your game, prepare for tryouts or sending your detailed information to a college coach for recruitment, realize you are about to take your game to another level. 

When it comes to a reality check there’s nothing like a video that reveals the truth. Data is collected from the video to diagnose your quality of play. This information is priceless and a phenomenal way to immediately apply the information to improve your game. There is a tremendous amount of patience and attention to detail to prepare your DGA. I am applying my experience of over 20 years of Fùtbol on the field and 7 plus years of 

1 on 1 training to work and delegate the process to your satisfaction. My findings will assist players to quickly identify areas of improvement. You will literally become aware of where you can improve in days instead of months over assumptions.

All of this knowledge goes in to preparing your DGA. Your DGA information can and will “only” benefit your future quality of play. Working on your weaknesses will always make you better.

zone 4          zone 9             zone 14         zone 19          zone 24         zone 29          

     1                    5                                 

​7.0 Below are a few of over 20 tables possibly created based on a players performance generated in the standard Detailed Game Analysis Report

The chart above shows the number of actions in each zone by this player

4.0 What you get in your DGA Report

  1. ​Over 20 easy to understand completion and percentage tables
  2. Passing completion percentage 
    1. ​Calculated passing direction, Right Foot, Left Foot
  3. ​Dribbling and passing direction and completion percentages 
  4. Defensive action taken and success percentages 
  5. Offensive action taken and success percentages
  6. Zone chart to indicate where your actions took place on the field
  7. Chart to indicate your direction of play with each touch and Right or Left foot
  8. Strength and weakness are defined for you to improve on
  9. List of "Key Items" what to immediately work on and how
  10. 1 on 1 review of the report   

     5                  1                  1

Elite Fùtbol Training

image 2: Offensive Action Results

6.a The data is generated based on the recorded actions by the player 

Welcome to Detailed Game Analysis Reporting

zone 2          zone 7             zone 12         zone 17          zone 22         zone 27          

The playing field is separated into 30 zones


     3                    12                    1                    2                  

6.0 DGA Benefits - The benefits are endless depending on each player's current level ​​

  1. Visual representation of performance through video information that the client provides
  2. Completion Percentages 
  3. Form factual and non-opiniated statistical information
  4. Coaches gather a sense of your style of play with the field diagram and detailed data provided
  5. Add actual game data information to your highlight video 
  6. Gauge improvement between multiple Detailed Game Analysis
  7. Request a detailed Detailed Game Analysis twice a year to maximize your progress potential 

8.0 Below are some of the findings prepared for a student in her Detailed Game Analysis

zone 5          zone 10           zone 15         zone 20          zone 25         zone 30          

Club Association: ECNL 2002 born evaluated player information
Where: Silver Lakes, CA
Weather: Temperature over 80 degrees required rehydration breaks

8.1 Physical Ability
You showed that you are strong on the ball and not easily moved. You can easily play the 9 and hold off defenders as demonstrated in this particular game. Continue to get stronger, as you have good physical presence. If playing the 9 or posting up be sure to check your back and ride the contact or roll your opponent as you did in the first half and turned and got forward. 
Running stairs is a great way to strengthen yourself mentally. The improvement and accomplishments will literally be felt in your shivering legs as you calm yourself before driving or walking away

You have average speed and you play within your pace. You did well not to attempt to out run your opponent as you understood that while playing the 10 and 11 positions.
Again, here come the wonderful contribution of running stairs. Running stairs by skipping every other step as you trek your way upward contributes to your acceleration in short distances

Change of direction  
While dribbling I would recommend working on Change of direction and becoming more unpredictable and not dribbling in straight lines. This would be a great style of play for you to become accustom to. You will become a much more dynamic player. This style will also separate you from the average player very easily. I am not saying that you should look to dribble often but this will create space for others and keep the defense guessing

Currently your tackling needs an attitude adjustment. So funny and it’s great that you are aware that you need to be better. Avoid going in sideways on tackles. With your strength, don’t be afraid to step in front of your opponent and go in with every intention to win the ball and maintain possession

8.​2 Technical Skills
Your passing had good pace and consideration behind them. They were smooth and to feet on the ground. You connected nearly all of your short passes. Playing in the attacking mid position will dictate that most of your passes will be short range. 27 out of your 29 passes were approximately less than 30 meters. This indicates that you are a possession driven player that does not take a lot of risk. You favor your right foot a great deal. You showed that you can effectively pass with either foot. Simply be aware it’s simply a tendency and natural feeling to use your right foot. Work on using your left foot more often in your team practice as often as possible. Start using your left foot to pass left as it will put a natural curl away from the opposition while passing to the left side of your body. You appear to be comfortable using the outside of your right foot for passing as you displayed once in this game. 

The “Change of direction” section below is directly related to this section as well. Work on Change of direction and becoming more unpredictable and not dribbling in straight lines. This would be a great style of play for you to become accustom to. You will become a much more dynamic player. This style will also separate you from the average player very easily. I am not saying that you should look to dribble often but this will create space for others and keep the defense guessing. Continue to dribble with a purpose and not dribble aimlessly into trouble. This was a fairly easy game for you which allowed you time and space. Teams that are better in defending will not allow you time and space. Keep your good dribbling habits.
*Work on drills that would assist you on change of direction and pace.
*Work on dribbling with both feet using three areas of your foot, the inside-outside-sole of each foot.

First Touch
Your first touch control of the ball was solid. Continue to work on juggling and first touch ball control style drills. These drills should force you to take control of a driven ball with all parts of your body. Fùtbol Tennis is great for creating comfort with a ball as well.

Finding Space
In this match, you did not require to search for space as the opposition allowed you time to turn frequently. In your upcoming season, you will be required to learn how to find space to move into to give yourself the ability to continue to create opportunities to get forward and maintain possession. By constantly being in this state of mine in every game, it’s going to give you an edge. Be aware that your opponents will be thinking in the same manner.

​​Specialized training and detailed game analysis for the serious player

image 1: Defensive Pressure and Tackling Stats

5.2 Offensive actions calculated 
Shot result - Goals - Shot Wide - On Target - Saved * Dribble - direction and approximate distance * Passes - direction and approx distance - assist - type of pass * Passing accuracy percentages * Action Completed * Action Incomplete * Corner  and Free Kick results * Fouls * Offside * Left or Right Foot * Headers * Open Play Statistics * Right foot and Left foot passes  * Headers won or lost * Direction of action taken

     3                    10                    3                    1                  

zone 1          zone 6             zone 11         zone 16          zone 21         zone 26          

How to submit your video for your Detailed Game Analysis

To help make your life simple, there is a link to take you to a quick Form that will take you 2 minutes to fill out so we will personally guide you further. Read the details below so it will assist you in what we will be requesting from you after you submit the form. Use this link to route to the quick form that is at the bottom of the "Pricing Package" page.

You will then receive an Electronic Form to fill in with specific details. You are able to submit up to 2 full games to review for each highlight video.

When we receive your completed E-Form you will be instructed on how to upload your video game recordings via HUDL through the Elite Futbol Training HUDL Portal we will provide you with (Please do your best to provide a clearly visible video format. If not it will delay the process and may require resubmission of your video)

  1. An actual person will visually verify that we have received your recording/s and personally respond that your game is being verified for visual quality to be properly analyzed 
  2. The games are reviewed based in the order they are received 
  3. You will be emailed once the Game Analysis is in the que
  4. You will be provided an estimated time of completion​ (You will be notified if there are unforeseen delays)
    1. If by chance the quality of your video affects the ability to do a proper DGA you will be notified immediately and asked to resubmit a better quality recording (Note this may happen late in the review process while working on your video and you will be notified)
  5. ​You will be notified when we complete the DGA process and the DGA report is being organized to be sent out to you

​​​Imagine having the availability to calculate how often you went left with your right foot, or simply determining your pass percentage completion rates along with which foot you are passing most often with. Your final report "Could" include nearly 20 charts and tables to reveal weaknesses and strengths in your game.

We will refer to the Ridiculously Detailed Game Analysis as DGA dropping the R. This all starts with the submission of  your full game video footage to us for review and analysis.  DGA is comprised of a number of visual and calculated tools.

​1.0 Immediate Benefits

  1. Analysis is currently completed to diagnose themicro-details of your actions captured on video
  2. ​Your game is Ridiculously analyzed and documented for quality aspects and possible improvements in your game
  3. Your DGA is prepared in a simpleeasy to read and understand format
  4. ​After you receive your report I will arrange a time toreview your report over the phone or in person (depending on geographical location) or on a shared video screen call
  5. If you choose to, you will receive specific recommendations on how to improve training on your own, or you can work with your coach and or any trainer you desire
  6. There is no guessing on what you should spend your time working on to improve with our findings

2.0 The Wonderful World of Video Contribution to Sports

Visual representation of a game is extremely beneficial for coaches and players at all levels. Highlight videos is now becoming the most common way to gain interest from professional and collegiate coaches. It's a great way to maximize their time. There is virtually no cost to a coach or talent scout other than their time once you submit your highlight video.  

Our DGA provides you with specific information that you can take back to any trainer or coach on where you can improve.  Also you will not spend wasted time on experimenting on what you "Think" you need to work on to make you better. 

When it comes to a reality check there’s nothing like a video that reveals the truth and to have data to support your quality of play.  This information will help any player become better being statistically aware of their quality of play.