6 Benefits from Private Training

  1. ​​​Students receive a detailed and individualized  program to help improve their overall confidence
  2. Students learn accountability  with self-improvement
  3. Proven and customized  methods are designed specifically to enhance each student’s unique skills
  4. Overall confidenceis instilled in students who have faced disappointment or looking to remove doubt about what they are capable of
  5. Drills are targeted to correct form and technique
  6. Students thrive  with enhanced ability, strength, and passion for the game

Detailed Game Analysis Reportingis here as of January 2020 


David wittrell

I have over 20 years of experience playing and coaching soccer. I have specialized in private trainings since 2012. My passion is using a unique combination of training techniques and inspiration to internally self motivate  athletes on and off the field and in life.


Specializing in individual and small group training that target each player's maximum potential

Elite Fùtbol Training targets improvement of each player’s unique skills, with a focus on self-improvement, personal accountability, and overall confidence building. Founded in 2013 by David Wittrell, Elite Fùtbol Training provides intense and individual specialized and small group sessions, that target each players future potential.. Starting with a personal and  FREE evaluation, 

FÙTBOL TRAINING in Bellevue, Washington USA AND Introducing Snohomish Sports Dome training in August 2020. Details below

The commitment is to provide each student a unique training style based on the individual soccer player’s needs. Each program is customized based on age, physical ability, and skill level which is assessed during an individualized FREE evaluation  session. Programs include private one-on-one sessions, small groups of 6 or less, or full team training programs. I have trained hundreds of players prepare for tryouts and pre-season sharpening and conditioning. All of this is done with a ball at your feet during the entire training session.  Training is conducted in Bellevue Washington 15 minutes East of Seattle with no traffic.

​​Specialized training and detailed game analysis for the serious player

Take a look, Detailed Game Analysis Reportingis here as of January 2020 


​​I specialize in strong fundamentals with intense training on footwork, first touch ball control, dribbling, passing, and shooting 

Increased Dexterity - Improve foot-eye coordination and footwork through these drills 

Advanced Dribbling- Every coaching session specializes in exceptional ball handling fundamentals

Passing - Focus on proper body positioning, passing accuracy and technique

First Touch - Trapping and control in receiving difficult  passes whether they are driven in low or skipped in with pace and high-driven balls
Improved Decision Making - Psychological approach to game preparation, self-training advice with years of self-training and training others

Elite Fùtbol Training

"There are no mistakes just corrections, unless you keep making the same mistakes" David Wittrell

Snohomish Sports Dome - Group Training Evaluation Placement Sessions Thursday's (Every other week)

​​One hour training sessions starting at 4-5PM. There is currently space for 5-6PM and 6-7PM. These are group training sessions being held every other week. Email david@elitefutboltraining.com for an evaluation for group placement and available weeks of training and space availability.


*How players are grouped: If you are a 10-year old Recreational League Player and are showing the skill level of a 13 year old Premier League Player you will be bumped up to that group. 

Important: you will not be moved down from your current age group based on skill level but you will be placed with similar players within your age group

*3 Age Groups: 9-10  11-13 14-18 

College and above players seeking training at the Dome, please contact me direct david@elitefutboltraining.com for scheduling

* Number of players: Maximum of 4 students per training session 

* What to expect: Technical performance improvement with minimal or no contact depending on COVID protocol. Current number of maximum players allowed in a group of players in training is 5

*Length of a full training session: 60 minutes