> You will develop a good first touch with total ball control and calmness in fast paced situations

You are accountable for your own success with the effort you put in

Practice the assigned homework assignments between training sessions

​> You should keep an accurate and current training log

​> Become a student of the game not just a player

(watch professional  international league games)

EPL-England, La Liga-Spain, Bundesliga-Germany

​> You should be acceptable to different training  techniques 

Need a specialist in the following areas (Speed, Strength, Agility, Nutrition, Naturopath, Acupuncture)

I personally highly recommend the professionals listed below:

Speed, Strength and Agility Trainer Curtis Clay Training website (Woodinville WA)

​Naturopathic Doctor, Melanie Morford "Laser Therapy for injury and recovery website (Kirkland WA) 425-922-0784 cell

Certified Nutritionist, AcupuncturistGeoff Lecovin MS, DC, ND, LAc. info, (Kirkland WA) 425-999-4484 office

Athletic Training Richard O'Quin NW ARP(Accelerated Recovery and Performance) website (Renton, WA)​ 405-625-6700 cell

​If you are preparing for tryouts or are in mid-season and need to tighten up your game, securing a spot on varsity or heading back to your University after the summer, I can promise you will become a better player training here. Occasionally some of my top young players will assist in training other students.


> Experience based on decades of playing and loving fùtbol

> A complete commitment to the student and the sport

> Individually designed programs with targeted focus 

> Ongoing reviews of your training log to understand where effort is being  focused and progress is being made

> Adjustments made to your specific program to ensure the effort applied is having an impact on your ability 

> Understanding of tryouts, select teams, high school, college, and university game environments

Students with a strong commitment to train on their own using the skills and techniques we cover in their training sessions are guaranteed to experience skill and mental improvement, as well as increased confidence in their own abilities. 

Detailed Game Analysis Reportingis here as of January 2020 

Please provide the following details of your Training Environment by filling out the information below

​​Specialized training and detailed game analysis for the serious player

Elite Fùtbol Training

Students of all ages are recommended to purchase a small 4 - 6 inch in diameter foam ball to dribble at home, as part of your on-going training (parent/guardian permitting).

​Get a small foam ball to dribble around the home (go to search "4 inch soccer balls"