1.0 How to submit your game for creating a Video Highlight

To help make your life simple, at the bottom of this page is a quick Video Request Form that will take you 2 minutes to fill out so we will personally guide you further. Read the details below so it will assist you in what we will be requesting from you after you submit the form below.

You will then receive an Electronic Form to fill in with specific details. You are able to submit up to 2 full games to review for each highlight video.

When we receive your completed E-Form you will be instructed on how to upload your Fùtbol game recordings via HUDL through the Elite Futbol Training HUDL Portal we will provide you with.

 (Please do your best to provide a clearly visible video format. If not it will delay the process and may require resubmission of your video)

  1. An actual person will visually verify that we have received your recording/s and personally respond that your game is being verified for visual quality to be properly analyzed 
  2. The games are reviewed based in the order they are received 
  3. You will be emailed once the Game Analysis is in the que
  4. You will be provided an estimated time of completion​ (You will be notified if there are unforeseen delays)
    1. If by chance the quality of your video affects the ability to do a proper DGA you will be notified immediately and asked to resubmit a better quality recording (Note this may happen late in the review process while working on your video and you will be notified)
  5. ​You will be notified when we complete the viewing and tagging process
  6. At this point we start piecing together the video clips to tell your story
  7. You are notified as soon as we have reviewed what we consider the final product. We will send you a view only link to review your video
  8. Once you have reviewed the final item and you approve of the final product, we will send you an invoice for payment
  9. We will send you a separate link that will allow you to download your video 
  10. Once you have downloaded the link you will notify us and you own the product

 c. Soccer Highlight Video Link Sample

a. Soccer Highlight Video Link Sample

                                Highlight Video Editing Now available as of January 2020

With the use of HUDL  video software editing, we will create your Highlight Video for recruiting purposes.  (HUDL Sign in/Register link).  

Lilah Highlight

1.a Why video footage is extremely important

If a college coach or talent scout isn’t going to have the opportunity to watch someone play in person, what’s the best way for an athlete to showcase their talent as a soccer player? It’s showing their best game footage in their video highlights.

2.0 Video requirements and how to film and find the right angle to film the recruiting video 
When it comes to filming, finding the right angle and keeping the camera steady are the two most important things you can do. Here are some pointers on how to get the best shots:

  1. The video should be shot from a higher vantage point, at least several feet from the ground.
  2. A tripod is highly recommended to help stabilize the footage. Tripods are available for tablets and smartphones.
  3. When shooting video with a phone or tablet, shoot the footage in landscape format.
  4. Do not zoom in and out. Zooming in a little bit is OK when filming from the other side of the field.
  5. Don’t lose track of the ball.
  6. The wider the angle, the better. A wider view allows coaches to see the progression of each play, as well as athletes making the right choices and completing their passes
  7. Imagine the field separated into thirds (offensive, middle, defensive). When the ball is in one of the thirds, film that entire section.
  8. Show enough of the field so that coaches are able to see the player’s vision, how the athlete runs with and without the ball, the athlete’s use of space, combinations with teammates, etc.

Video Highlights (For Recruitment): $450

Video Highlight - created for you with key moments up to 4 minutes of highlight time is more than sufficient for showcasing a quality player

Why have David take the lead on your Video Highlight Preparation? 

I have over 20 years of experience playing and coaching soccer and specialize in private trainings since 2012. I have a high attention to detail to notice key moments in your quality of play. My objective is to accumulate hours into minutes, that bring attention from coaches and talent scouts

Lexi Highlight

Below are your easy to follow video guide lines so that I am able to properly analyze your game

Halle Howe Highlight

Video Submission Request Information

​​Specialized training and detailed game analysis for the serious player

Elite Fùtbol Training

b. Soccer Highlight Video Link Sample

Take a look, Detailed Game Analysis Reportingis here as of January 2020