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Elite Fùtbol Training

     6. Develop a great first touch with repetition work

         a. You can never work on this skill enough no matter what level your game is at

     7. Include a high bearing wall to assist you on working with bouncing high balls off the wall to control                   with your feet, thighs, chest, shoulders and head

     8. Train and imagine yourself to be in real game scenarios

     9. Train with music as often as you can

   10. Get a small foam ball to dribble around the home (go to Amazon.comsearch "4 inch soccer balls"
          a.  It's extremely beneficial to have a ball at your feet as often as possible

Take a look, Detailed Game Analysis Reportingis here as of January 2020 

Detailed Game Analysis Reportingis here as of January 2020 


  1. Develop specific routine days to train on your own each week and be flexible enough to make up days missed
  2. Keep a log on which days you train and on what you trained on to assist you on visually seeing the progress you are making
  3. Work on your weaknesses regularly
  4. Juggle with both feet routinely - to create overall comfort with the ball and yes it helps you in real game situations without you taking notice
  5. Work on dribbling using both feet with the inside, outside and soles of both feet